Matmatch Supports AMPCO METAL as it Evolves its Digital Marketing Strategy

Learn how AMPCO METAL, a manufacturer and supplier of speciality copper alloys based in Switzerland, uses Matmatch as part of their modern digital marketing strategy.

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AMPCO METAL is an integrated metals manufacturer and distributor, specialized in copper-based materials. The company manufactures a wide range of alloys in a variety of grades and conditions and distributes them through its worldwide network of service centers. They serve a variety of industries and industry segments, including aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, metal production, metal forming, plastics mold-making and resistance welding. Part of AMPCO METAL’s service is a customized approach of working with the customer to find the right solution for their specific application, rather than simply taking a one-size-fits-all approach.

Founded more than 100 years ago, AMPCO METAL is a metals manufacturer and distributor specializing in copper-based materials. In 2019, AMPCO METAL were looking to upgrade their approach to marketing. At the time, they focused almost exclusively on outbound sales channels and trade shows to reach new customers. But they were starting to introduce more digital and inbound marketing tactics into their strategy; they invested in new software and started publishing educational blog articles and other resources on their website.

Alongside this, they were looking for a platform that could support their efforts and connect them with new potential customers, especially those looking for personalized service.


The materials AMPCO METAL offers are unique and display better properties than similar ‘standard’ products out there but highlighting this can be tough. In a market that is often focused on the bottom line, one challenge facing AMPCO METAL lies in communicating the message that, in the long run, investing upfront in high-quality materials, personalized advice and consulting is often the best option, offering so the best value rather than pure cost.

“Customers sometimes come to AMPCO METAL for advice but end up buying cheaper alternative materials elsewhere. Later, however, they come back to us when they realize it was a bad decision because the quality elsewhere wasn’t good enough for their application, or the service they got from other suppliers didn’t meet their specific needs,” says Lionel Girard, Engineering Manager at AMPCO.

Another challenge is knowing where to invest marketing budget. AMPCO METAL has a large base of around 30,000 customers around the world in a wide range of industries. But reaching all their potential markets is not easy. The AMPCO METAL team knows that, if they invest effort in a campaign to reach a specific market or audience, they may miss out on an opportunity to reach another potential market.

This is where Matmatch comes in.

Why Matmatch

AMPCO METAL had been looking for a platform that would support their online marketing efforts. They specifically wanted a platform that would help them promote the unique aspects of their materials as well as their added-value services. And one thing was very clear: they didn’t want to list on a marketplace where they could find themselves caught in a race with lower quality and commoditized products.

Matmatch offered such a platform. AMPCO METAL could highlight favourable properties of their materials on their datasheets and make them accessible to the diverse, global Matmatch audience of engineers and product developers. They could also publish articles to raise more awareness of the specific solutions they offered.


Headquarters Marly, Switzerland

Year founded 1914

Type Manufacturer and Distributor


Specialty copper alloys and engineered products.


Chemical and petroleum, machine tools, primary metal producers, transportation and a wide range of industrial and general engineering machinery.

Processing capabilities

Full machining capabilities, heat treatment, continuous cast, sand cast, centrifugal cast, forging and extrusion.

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  • 49 material datasheets were digitised and published on Matmatch.
  • 2 use case articles about AMPCO METAL's materials were published.
AMPCO® 45 Extruded and drawn rods
AMPCOLOY® 83 Rolled material
AMPCO® M4 Centrifugal castings
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“We’re selective about our partners and companies we work with. If Matmatch were not material experts, we probably wouldn’t work with them. I would recommend Matmatch for companies that are technically-oriented.”

Lionel Girard

Global Engineering Manager


“Matmatch is the only platform we use now”

Although AMPCO METAL have experimented with other platforms, Matmatch is the only one that remains a part of their digital marketing strategy. AMPCO METAL also expects Matmatch to play a key role as they continue to improve their visibility online.

AMPCO METAL, like other suppliers on the platform, also benefits from Matmatch’s marketing efforts and its visibility in search engines. It can be an uphill struggle to stand out online, but Matmatch offers a way to reach a large potential audience throughout the year.

The potential of Matmatch also appeals to AMPCO METAL. “Matmatch is still a young platform,” says Lionel Girard. “Instead of trying to find a big, established platform, we wanted to find an innovative platform that aligns with our approach, which Matmatch does. We expect Matmatch to get bigger and bigger and the benefits of being on Matmatch to grow over time.”

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“We received some interesting leads and questions from potential customers via Matmatch in the last few months. We have also had a few interesting questions from students, which is one of our target audience. Students are the customers of tomorrow, so we want to get our brand in front of them today.”

Lionel Girard

Global Engineering Manager



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In less than 12 months, AMPCO METAL has reached more than 3000 people and influenced more than 300 unique companies on Matmatch from a wide range of industries - from electrical engineering, to oil and gas, to universities and research institutes.

“The Matmatch team is young, knowledgeable about materials and the digital world, as well as very reactive. We like the fact that Matmatch wants to innovate and help make the industry more digital.”

Lionel Girard

Global Engineering Manager