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The CERATIZIT Group is a manufacturer of hard material products for wear protection and cutting tools. For over 95 years, CERATIZIT has been developing and producing hard material cutting and wear protection solutions: from highly specialized cutting tools, indexable inserts and carbide rods to new types of carbide and cermet grades for wood and stone working.



CERATIZIT traditionally focused their marketing efforts on trade fairs and print media.

Trade fairs offered a chance to meet existing customers and discuss new opportunities with them, while print media had been part of their strategy for many years. CERATIZIT, like many other companies in the industry, started looking for alternative marketing channels as part of their digital transformation.

Specifically, they wanted to explore new digital channels, especially those that offered access to a broad but still highly technical audience.



Matmatch emerged as an optimal channel for CERATIZIT. Their cutting tools are specific for people who work with metals, and Matmatch has over 1 million audience members (and growing) looking for metals each year.

The solution developed for CERATIZIT was strategic and involved multiple steps.

Banner ads were put on different types of pages on Matmatch to target users at different stages of the user journey. For maximum exposure this included:

  • All materials pages under "metal" category
  • Search result pages related to metals
  • Technical articles about metal alloys, processes involving metals and applications where metals play a key role.


Ads were also placed in high-performance areas - one near the top of these pages and a second roughly halfway down.

To increase the performance of the campaign, two types of ads were used:

  • Banner ad for brand awareness and recognition, and
  • Text ads that offered more space to explain their solution for engagement.





Year founded



Manufacturer and Distributor


Hard materials for cutting tools and wear protection. Highly specialised carbide cutting tools, inserts and rods made of hard materials as well as wear parts.


Wear parts, manufacturing, rolling, mechanical systems, mining industry, food industry, drilling.


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Exposure to 6 times as many people as a magazine ad
Like being on 3 trade fairs in just one month

CERATIZIT’s ads were seen by over 100,000 engineers per month and generated more than 200 clicks to their website.

That’s 6 times more engineers than a company would reach with a typical magazine ad or it’s like being on 3 trade fairs in just one month!

And while trade fairs and magazines still play an important role in CERATIZIT’s marketing strategy, digital channels complement these efforts.

If you are looking for a good way to reach out to a technical audience online, Matmatch is your perfect partner!

Martina Marohn

Technical Communication

CERATIZIT - Team Cutting Tools