How Matmatch Helps Deutsche Edelstahlwerke Grow Demand for Additive Manufacturing Metal Powders

Learn how German-based steel producer DEW uses Matmatch as part of their marketing strategy and generate demand for new materials they develop.

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About DEW

Deutsche Edelstahlwerke (DEW) is one of the world’s leading producers and processors of special steel long products and is a part of the Swiss Steel Group. In mainly three materials groups – engineering steel, tool steel and stainless, acid- and heat-resistant steel – Deutsche Edelstahlwerke offers international customers a uniquely wide range of products, from drawn wire to open-die forgings with a diameter of up to 1,100 mm as well as metal powders for build-up welding and additive manufacturing.

As a partner with technical competence in steel, Deutsche Edelstahlwerke develops innovative, individual special steel solutions for complex high-tech applications and offers services ranging from steelmaking to extensive steel processing and finishing.

DEW already used a combination of different marketing channels to reach customers, including trade shows, print and web brochures, press releases and content marketing through technical articles online and in print. But they knew that more customers were searching online for solutions, and wanted to improve their digital presence.


DEW has a comprehensive product portfolio with different materials. And for every material, they have distinct target customer groups and thus have to develop different messaging and marketing approaches for each. There are also different decision-makers and people who influence the procurement process.

As a result, DEW faced a number of challenges in developing the right marketing strategy:

  • Reaching a diverse audience via marketing through different channels.
  • Influencing different decision-makers.
  • Different marketing strategy for promoting each product.

Why Matmatch

Daniel Kipp, head of technical marketing at DEW, heard about Matmatch from a former colleague, who mentioned a new startup that was building a new platform for engineers to find the right material for the right application. This appealed to DEW, who were looking to improve their digital presence and reach an audience of product developers online.

Other aspects of Matmatch that appealed to DEW included:

  • The fact that they would be the first German long steel producer on the platform.
  • That the platform is cost-free for users.
  • The possible growth of the platform inspired them to work with Matmatch.
  • They also believed that Matmatch could bring a real competitive advantage and extend their product, solution and process communication.


Headquarter Witten, Germany

Year founded 2016

Type Manufacturer and Distributor


Speciality steel products

Tool steels

Cold work steels, hot work steels, plastic mold steels, high-speed steels.

Stainless, acid- and heat-resistant steels

Standard austenitic, ferritic, martensitic and duplex grades, heat-resistant steels, creep-resistant steels, non-magnetic steels, valve steels, aerospace steels.

Engineering steels

Anti-friction bearing steels, spring steels, chain steels, nitriding steels, precipitation-hardening ferritic-perlitic steels, cold upsetting/cold extrusion steels, case-hardening steels, heat-treatable steels, bainitic steels, aerospace steels.

Special materials

Ferro-Titanit, hard alloys, metal powder for Additive Manufacturing and Dental alloys.


Automotive, mechanical engineering, aerospace, defence, construction, trade, others

Ready-to-use Products

Boat shafts, cold rolls, mandrel bars, metal powder

Reach customers online with Matmatch

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In order to help DEW promote their new materials, attract a wide audience of engineers worldwide across channels, and educate potential customers about the benefits of their products, DEW published their material datasheets on Matmatch alongside articles to promote specific products.

  • 147 materials datasheets by DEW Stahl were digitised and published on Matmatch.
  • 7 use case articles about DEW’s materials were published to help improve visibility on search engines.
  • 1 blog article was published to raise awareness of their additive manufacturing capabilities.
Bainidur® AM
Printdur® Ni625
Printdur® 2343
See all DEW materials

“I love to work with my friends from Matmatch. From Key Account Manager, Business Development Manager, Material Scientist, Programmer to Marketing Manager - everybody who I’m in contact with is open-minded and is looking for customer and supplier-oriented solutions. They understand that, depending on the type of material, customers are searching in different ways and we as the suppliers know how they search. This helps to make the platform better day-by-day.”

Daniel Kipp

Technical Marketing Manager

Deutsche Edelstahlwerke

Matmatch becomes a part of DEW marketing strategy

The results DEW have achieved with Matmatch are really impressive, especially in terms of the growth in demand for their metal powders for additive manufacturing. The combination of their marketing and communication strategy, with the publishing of the Printdur-Portfolio and the supplementary blog article on Matmatch, has increased the numbers of requests and orders they received.

Today, Matmatch has become an important part of their marketing strategy and product communication, especially when it comes to the promotion of newly developed materials. Publishing those on the platform, combined with an article on the company profile or as a part of the Matmatch blog, will help improve and develop their reach to a broader range of users.

Future projects like the new AM-alloys Medidur and Corrodur AM, the new tool steel grades like Thermodur HSP Superclean, Thermodur XXL EFS, and content about their "Blue Steel" portfolio are already in process.

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“From my point of view, Matmatch opens the new generation of engineers, product designers and materials experts to a new possibility to find the right material for the right application more intuitively and easily. In addition, the platform informs people about the future relevant material topics in their blog in a relatable and friendly tone.”

Daniel Kipp

Technical Marketing Manager

Deutsche Edelstahlwerke


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In a 12-month period, DEW reached more than 23,000 unique people and at least unique 2000 companies on Matmatch, including leading automotive companies such as BMW Group, Ford, General Motors, Denso and Renault. That number continues to increase each year, too.

“Matmatch opens new opportunities to educate engineers about materials on the market. I think the technical customer support of the material producer will still be very important for the right material selection, but Matmatch plays an important role in helping us connect with new potential customers online. I would definitely recommend Matmatch.”

Daniel Kipp

Technical Marketing Manager

Deutsche Edelstahlwerke