Phon Tech Reaches a Technical Audience for its TPE Materials on Matmatch

See how Matmatch provides polymer supplier Phon Tech with a value-based approach to highlight their materials and reach a technical audience of engineers.

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About Phon Tech

Phon Tech Industrial Company is a leading Taiwanese manufacturer and exporter of polymers, focusing on styrene-based thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs). They specialise in SEBS (styrene-ethylene-butylene-styrene) and SEPS (Styrene-ethylene-propylene-styrene)-based compounds and have decades of knowledge when it comes to compounding, marketing, researching and formulation.

Phon Tech's PHOENIX™ range of TPEs are used in a wide range of industries, including medical applications, packaging, automotive, consumer products and many others.

The company also provides technical, material development and process support to their customers.



A frequent challenge Phon Tech face is that the TPE market is very price sensitive. Customers have a tendency to focus only on price rather than value.

It's an important distinction: value takes into account everything from material quality and performance, to the service the company provides. When the focus is purely on the bottom line, such factors are rarely considered.

Phon Tech tried various channels to promote their materials, including several B2B platforms, magazines, exhibitions and social media. But they consistently faced the same problem: the other channels tended to be purely focused on commercial aspects. They didn't offer the opportunity to really highlight what sets Phon Tech's products apart from the rest.


Why Matmatch

Phon Tech realised that, as a marketing channel, Matmatch offered something different.

With a focus on providing technical information and knowledge, it ensured potential customers would be value-led — rather than price-led. Matmatch offered Phon Tech the opportunity to attract potential customers based on the properties and qualities of their materials.

The Matmatch audience was also appealing to Phon Tech: they wanted to reach a professional and technical audience of engineers. With the majority of Matmatch users being such people, it was a good fit for the company.


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Thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs)


Medical, packaging, industrial, electrical & electronics, automotive, construction, consumer products, sports, toys & baby products.

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  • 121 material datasheets were digitised and published on Matmatch.
  • An educational article about TPEs for medical applications was published to raise awareness of the PHOENIX™ grades used in this industry.
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“Matmatch are constantly in touch with us and give suggestions on how to improve our results further.”

Anthony Chang

Sales Manager

Phon Tech Industrial Company

“Matmatch is very user-oriented”

Phon Tech continue to use a mixture of marketing channels. But compared to other channels, and especially other digital channels, the advantages of Matmatch are clear.

"Matmatch is very user-oriented," says Anthony Chang, sales manager at Phon Tech. "Most of the other marketing initiatives focus more on commercial parts but Matmatch focuses on professional information and knowledge-sharing."


Thermoplastic Elastomers for Medical Applications


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In a 12-month period, Phon Tech materials received over 6000 views on Matmatch and 60 high-intent leads (people who contacted Phon Tech directly or downloaded their material datasheets). More than 250 unique companies exploring and comparing Phon Tech were also identified, including Siemens, General Electric, LEGO and Ford.

“Matmatch is a professional platform for professional engineers who are looking for materials. Therefore, we think we can find serious users who are in need of our TPE material.”

Anthony Chang

Sales Manager

Phon Tech Industrial Company