Checklist: 10 Golden Rules of Content Writing

Use this checklist to apply the golden rules of content writing so you can make the best use of your content.

If you're looking to connect with your customers through written content, then you'll want to make it as engaging as possible. This checklist will help you do that.

The checklist is based on our experience creating content that has brought more than 2 million unique users to Matmatch over the last couple of years.

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About the checklist

Written content is a great way to reach engineers online. But far too often, companies make the mistake of writing for themselves rather than writing for their (potential) customers.

Use this checklist to avoid the pitfalls of unengaging or poorly written content. Simply go through the 10 points outlined when developing new content to ensure you make the best use of it.

Some of the advice includes:

  • Follow the inverted pyramid model
  • Use relevant keywords, but don't overdo it
  • Make your text easy to skim

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