Secure Better Margins with AI-Powered Material Price Forecasts

Knowing when is the best time to buy and sell materials can be very difficult. We have a solution.

There are many factors that affect material prices. This along with the natural opacity of the market makes it incredibly difficult to figure out the optimal time to buy and sell materials. Reducing uncertainty through an unbiased, proven source of intelligence can make a huge difference to margins, the bottom line and ultimately the security of a manufacturer or producer.

Matmatch has partnered with ChAI to enable its users to benefit from numerical, explainable materials price predictions made by applying AI to alternative data.

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Frequently asked questions

Who are ChAI?

ChAI is a powerhouse of academics, commodities experts and AI technologists based in the UK. They produce impartial materials price predictions by applying artificial intelligence to all of the data that matters.

What is the relationship between ChAI and Matmatch?

ChAI and Matmatch are separate companies. We partnered to offer the chance for Matmatch users to find out more about ChAI's unique offering as we feel it is a product that could be of interest to our audience.

What differentiates ChAI's price predictions?

ChAI uses the latest machine learning / artificial intelligence methods to make materials price predictions across multiple time horizons, providing full explainability on how they are derived. Moreover, core to ChAI's methodology is alternative data such as satellite imagery and freight data, which enable users to pre-empt price swings before the rest of the market.

Can I arrange a trial?

ChAI are very happy to arrange trials of its flagship solution on request following an initial onboarding call.