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Be found online.

Our material search tool is already used by thousands of engineers every day. Now, we’re adding a supplier search tool for buyers. It allows users to easily find and contact suppliers offering the materials they need.

And the best part for material suppliers is that it is completely free to join. You’ll get exposure to our large global audience and potential customers will be able to get in touch with you directly.

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Fill in the template we provide with information about your materials.


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How you'll be found by potential buyers

1. Search
For buyers and engineers looking for a supplier

Buyers start by searching for suppliers based on a material name and shape. They can also choose to filter by supplier location.

2. View suppliers
Narrow down the search

Relevant suppliers are shown in a list and the user can choose to adjust their search and add additional filters.

3. Get in touch
Contact suppliers for more info

Users can find out the full details about a company or request a quote directly from the list of results.


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